The year is 2016 and these are your basics: A Personal Review

The year is 2016 and these are your basics

It is 2016 and your basic outfit consists of a khaki green bomber jacket (satin, preferably, for that added lux factor), recycled tattoo chokers (added points if you’re still using the same one from fifteen years ago) and a pair of Adidas Superstars (no brownie points if they’re the same pair from 1995 cause ew). There’s no question about it– the casual chav look is so out, it’s in. And speaking of what’s hot, don’t mind the chilliness of your décolletage because if you’re wearing an off-shoulder top, you’re so “lit” the heat might just swallow you whole.

Personally, i wouldn’t say that i’m a sucker for fast fashion trends because…that’s not exactly a compliment to myself. Eventhough yeah i totally am a heaux for trends tbh.

Exhibit A: I have a septum piercing which i got pierced mid-last year. Hurt like a bitch, but you know what hurts more? When someone tells you they admire your bravery and that they love your piercing and you have to tell them that you’re a liar, a fraud and your name is Poussey because it’s just a clip-on. Yeah. Tell me what pain is now. **Gold star if you got that OITNB reference!

Exhibit B: I have bought more than one brown lipstick in the span of the past 10 months. I didn’t actually realize how far the trend would go, i only knew that lipstick shades were getting more and more muted so in December, i bought a basic creme Revlon lipstick in the shade “Fleshtone” which looks exactly how you’d expect it to. Then i got ahead of myself, misjudged the trend and bought an orange metallic lipstick. Yeah. Wow. S’okay guys, i made a wrong call, u-turned and i’m on the right path again. It’s all good now. But then liquid lipsticks got HEATED. UP. So i reinventoried on Lime Crime’s Shroom and Taurus from ColourPop and earlier this year, you couldn’t tell me apart from all the “earthy grunge” wannabe basic bitches if you tried 🙂

Exhibit C: I don’t own “the” pair of sunglasses from Dior but i did get a similar pair from a cranky, stingy old man in Hong Kong who almost wept when i tried to haggle the price down. As if i don’t suck at bargaining as it is. But the point is, it’s silver, it’s reflective, it’s flat and it looks like a pair of Aviators on speed.

Exhibit D: I own three pairs of chokers. A tattoo one, a black velvet one and one covered in black daisies. I have also stepped out of the house with a ribbon, an elastic silk hairband, a scarf and a flat rope tied around my neck on several different occasions. So yes, you could say that i’m very invested in this aspect of the trend.

Exhibit E: I own more than 2 pairs of ripped jeans that i destressed myself. The thing about ripped jeans is that they only get better in time. You can try and youtube it and be all neat about the incisions and the placement of the scissors but it’s only a matter of time before you wake up an hour late for a meeting and groggily jam your leg into the wrong hole while also brushing your teeth. Before you know it, you’re essentially wearing denim shorts with specially attached denim cuffs at your ankles.

Exhibit F: My best friend gave me a Jeffree Star Skin Frost highlighter (shade: “Ice Cold”) for my birthday. Not that i wasn’t already disguising my cheeks as disco balls before that because I totally already was. But i feel like this has just cemented my position as a total highlight freak, which just so happens to also be a major trend this year.

Exhibit G: I own two off-shoulder tops that i rarely wear anymore because i wore it so much when i first got it that i legit feel i need to chill the fvck out for a while, so we’re taking a break indefinitely.

As for the rest, as if i haven’t convinced everyone that i’m a total commoner/peasant for fast fashion, i almost almost bought a pair of Adidas Superstars on my trip to HK but i ran out of money and my boyfriend wouldn’t buy it for me because he’d already bought me a pair of white sneakers the day before. Lol. (Trust me, i tried, there was a lot of “But this one has black stripes on it!” “Pleaaase, i want it so badly, IT’LL COMPLETE ME!” “Eugh i hate you, you just don’t want me to be fashionable!” “You’re ruining my life!”, foot stamping, tears…the works).

I also own a pink silk bomber jacket! But i don’t wear it anymore because i literally cannot move my arms in it, like, i’d have to drink and suck my food through a long bendy straw the entire day if i tried to. Not that that’s such a bad thing, now that i think of it. There are worse things out there that people do in the name of fashion right?

Anyway, TL;DR: I’m kind of a basic bitch.

If this were a quiz, my results would be: Has never tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte but would undoubtedly be a fan of it upon first sip.



Bomber jacket
$43 –

Adidas shoes

Cz jewelry

Jeffree Star face powder

Lime Crime lipstick

Sreivphol inspired!

Sreivphol inspired!


I’ve started a new category on this site dedicated to all my girl crushes. Fuck Wednesday, i’m crushing on them everyday of the week (at least until i come across yet another ethereal goddess to transfer my affections to). So tbh i’m not quite sure what Sreivphol, or “Srei The Human” as she calls herself on instagram does for a living but if i’m hazarding a guess, i’d say she’s a freelance model as she’s done some shots for Agnès b. and SkyHighFlyxApparel and she’s always involved in some form of editorial shoot or another.

Why am i crushing on her?

To be frank, Thai social media celebrities that are frequently on the Popular page with 100k followers (the ones who seem to perpetually be on vacation and have a private jet at their disposal) all have a certain plastic look. They’re all undeniably freakishly good looking and they all know it judging from the 10 selfies uploads a day but after a while, it gets really old with the whole cookie-cutter effect.


Do you see what i mean??

But with this one it’s different. She consistently rocks her own style, whether it’s messy buns, huge retro sunglasses in a nightclub or loud statement pieces that either tie her entire outfit together or clashes against it, either way she just does not give a fuck. Not to mention, she pulls off grills like no one’s business and hate her or love her, there’s no denying it takes a pretty badass person to look as good in it as she does.

Why the outfit choices in this “Sreivphol inspired” set?

Personally, i feel that she looks amazing in fur as can be seen here and here. Wearing a bright fur coat takes a certain level of confidence and guts to leave the house with your head up high knowing that some smartass is bound to mistake you for a muppet. But i think that judging from her social media platforms, there’s really no danger of shortage in those areas and she’d be able to pull of this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent jacket without a hitch. Also, while her outfits tend to lean more towards statement pieces, a lot of the time she also sticks to the basics when pulling off the latter. But even then, her basics are super extra, hence the usual black denim cut-offs with the leather garters. as well as the 90s tattoo choker with chandelier beads to tie in with the eyelash lace bralette.

To top it all off, Dolce and Gabanna standout glasses because if anyone is going to pull off embellished sunglasses like a profesh, it’s Woman Crush Everyday, Sreivphol. Signing off with words of wisdom from the woman herself:

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Embrace your individualism

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Outfit details:

Yves Saint Laurent jacket
$3,895 –

Cut-off shorts

Topshop socks
$4.66 –

Jeffrey Campbell platform boots
$210 –

Steampunk necklace
$6.65 –

Dolce&Gabbana mirror glasses
$6,770 –

Men s fashion