The Art of Lookbooking

9.30 am: *alarm rings* *hits the snooze button*

9.45 am: Ditto

*twenty minutes later*:img_20170202_052753.jpg

*twelve minutes later, opens one eye, lies through teeth*:



11.51 am: I finally stumble to UBD’s FIT building where my friend Arif is shooting his “Welcoming 2017” lookbook. As fate would have it, it turns out that i’m dressed according to theme in a Bunnyboo favourite, a.k.a. denim on denim, which can only mean one thing… Stylesircuit cameo! I swear it was purely coincidental and not part of some guerrilla audition in the hopes of being casted in the lookbook. But i did want to snoop around and see exactly what kind of work goes into the making of one.

If we’re being upfront, there are still plenty of people out there who don’t understand what a lookbook is (“apakan ni? Music video kah? MV kah ni, sis, MV?”) and admittedly, in the very beginning, i didn’t get it either.

But then #ootds became a big thing. Then Snapchat Velfies (i.e. video selfies) became an even bigger thing. So basically, lookbooks happen when OOTDs and Velfies fall in love and have babies.

In addition to this nugget of key information, here’s everything else you never knew you wanted to know about the art of shooting a fashion music video– specifically this Bunnyboo83 signature lookbook.

Here’s seven things that went into the making of it:

1. Technically speaking, the shooting of a lookbook is incredibly on-the-go and spontaneous. As serious as Bunny takes his shoots, the only thing that’s pre-determined is the location, time, theme and outfits- but even those are flexible. So rule number one, don’t be anal about things and just go with the flow. And yeah, i’m aware i’m being totally hypocritical right now.

2. Speaking of outfits, there are no fancy schmancy changing rooms to cater to their multiple outfit changes, just in case anyone starts imagining lavish diva lounges offset. In fact, here’s a candid outtake of Arif getting changed in the passenger seat of his videographer’s car!


Behind the glitz and glamour of it all…

3. Speaking of videographer, the man behind the camera in question also happens to be our good friend Syaz (@amnsyazani on Instagram). He does freelancing as well, so if you’re a budding lookbooker and would like him to shoot your next one, feel free to slide in his DMs and tell him Shy from Stylesircuit sent you. Not because you’ll get like, a discount or anything, it’s just to give me a mild ego boost.


Just doing their thang

4. Maya Bakar, the co-star of the lookbook (in case we’re still keeping up with the pretense that you don’t already stalk or follow her on Instagram), doesn’t “do public toilets”. As in she doesn’t frequent them like us mere mortals do, which frankly speaking doesn’t come as much as a surprise, gorgeous goddess that she is. I wouldn’t either, if only i wasn’t the unfortunate owner of an undisciplined bladder.

5. Insider’s tip: You don’t need to audition to be in one of Bunnyboo83’s signature lookbooks. All you have to do is show up dressed intentionally or unintentionally according to theme and Arif will happily insist you join in the shoot in the form of a cameo– which is exactly what happened with the case of resident cutie Discofissh Min, and I.


Denim quadruplets! + Syaz

6. It’ll come to you as a pleasant surprise that despite the quality of the videos, his shoots are done on zero budget. It probably helps to have an in-house videographer on hand, but i love the fact that it’s 100% pure hard work and dedication that goes into Arif’s fruit of labour. Anyone with money can shoot a pretty video but the real backbone of his work involves none other than plenty of eye-straining hours spent in front of a wide-screen tv and a laptop, unkempt hair, plenty of cigarettes and then some more time spent staring into the depths of his closet. Throw in lots of aesthetic daydreaming and voilà!

7. As embarrassing as you might expect standing around and making come-hither faces in front of a camera in public to be, it’s really not as awkward as you think. Granted there were a few frozen moments where we stared down some passersby, almost daring them to say something about filming on campus grounds and whatnot. But other than that we were very much just doing our own thing the entire time.


Exhibit A

Fact: I’m usually really paranoid about stores or public places which prohibit photography or filming in its premises. I just don’t get them. It’s probably because of that one time, that oneeeee timeeee i was feeling myself enough to take a mirror selfie in Uniqlo. Next thing i hear is this huge booming announcement over the speakers proclaiming the store’s policies against picture taking. It wasn’t even a pre-recorded announcement, it was coming from the microphone at the cashier. Creyes. Obviously, i got plenty of side-eye from the other Uniqlo shoppers standing around me. I wanted to throw on about eighty of their thermal wear sweaters and die from embarrassment in my simulated sweater hell.


Here is the proof in the actual picture i took in Uniqlo, 160 weeks ago, just moments before i was publicly shunned as a narcissistic pariah

That’s all! I hope you’ll come away knowing slightly more about lookbooks than you previously did. The next post will be a T.M.I. one coming up very soon. I posted a sneak preview on my Instagram story a few days ago wondering if i should post it and i got some wonderful feedback from some of you guys (which i love)! As usual, it’s an unpopular opinion, so brace yourself.






T.M.I.: Wedding Edition

In case you haven’t clued in on how contrary i can be, here’s a thing for you: i don’t like the idea of marriage. It scares me, it bores me, it tires me and the very idea of it is just eye-rollingly dreary. I’ll probably find it interesting sometime in the future, like when i’m forty-five and when my milkshake has curdled and turned into milk powder, but for now, at twenty four, i don’t understand why i can’t live my life like Kourtney Kardashian.


Life goals right there

BUT, exhausted of his supply of emotional firearms (i.e. bribing, begging, blackmailing, the works), my boyfriend, upon coming across the realization that he’ll never trap me into walking down the aisle without the help of chloroform, duct tape and some rope… finally put his foot down and delivered an ultimatum to my doorstep– on the literal first day of the new year, i kid you not. Whether i like it or not, he’s going to propose to me sometime within the next 365 days and if i say no, he’s going to be all “BYE FELICIA” on the next flight back to Jakarta and get himself a submissive mail-order bride from Turkeminsjizkistan or something. He’s only thirty but i swear, he thinks he’s milk or something and that he’s going to expire any day now.

Don’t get me wrong, i love him and i know 100% that he’s the one for me, but this has gotten me S H O O K to the core. To be honest, the problem lies with me. I’m terrified of pouring myself into the mould that society has carved out for the general population. Blue for boys, pink for girls.

And I know every marriage is different and that there are plenty of people who are genuinely in love and who have managed to get hitched without losing qualities of themselves and without gradually turning into maddeningly boring cookie-cutter wives slash baby-making machines (do not even get me started on my dormant maternal instincts if they even exist). But i was just simply hoping to go down a less-trodden path.

But hey! I also don’t want to be fifty, surrounded by my loom band creations, sitting in the corner of my apartment and crying to Taylor Swift’s “Back to December”, do you get what i’m saying?

Image result for crazy cat lady

Potentially me

Plus, it doesn’t help that my mum keeps telling me that i need to seal the deal asap because she truly believes i won’t be able to find another guy in the world who’s man enough to handle my sass. Like, mum, i am a hot commodity okay, how dare you-

But i have to say, ever since our discussion, i’ve started to think of the kind of bridal image i want to project and what kind of wedding i want to be remembered by. For example, do i want to be a sappy bride with a huge, stark white, flouncy dress that i can practically float on water in and walk down the aisle resembling a three-tiered wedding cake? How many people do i want at my wedding and is four an acceptable number (i.e. me, the groom, the officiator and Meryl Streep)? Can my wedding also double as a rave? If not, then can i get married at a rave? So far, i’ve come up with about eight answers per question. Here are some of the answers.

  1. What kind of dress do i want?

a) I high-key want to be a classy hippie bride with a garden wedding à la Olivia Palermo, skorts, messy “i just ran through the woods in slow-motion” hair, granny cardigan and all. Then i’ll sail down the aisle with a simple bouquet of daisies and sunflowers to demonstrate how minimalistic and how unfazed i am with this whole wedding thing and my guests will whisper to each other about how zen and humble i am as a bride. I’ll smile beatifically and my groom will be reminded of how lucky he is to be with such a saint. IT’LL BE PERFECT.

Image result for olivia palermo wedding shorts

St. Olivia Palermo

b) But i also really want to show up like this:

Credits to: Frida Xhoi


I’m allowed to look like a beautiful, graceful chandelier on my wedding day right? In this scenario, i’d definitely want a discreet hoverboard hidden underneath the folds of my dress so i look like a goddess skimming down the aisle, no less.

2) What kind of wedding cake do i want? 

a) I really wouldn’t mind a simple, two-tiered bouquet cake for display purposes to gorge on myself after the event like this one from Rice Tree:

Aww, look at how gorgeously understated it is!

b) But i also legit could do with a cake the size of a Christmas tree, like this amazing behemoth of a cake made by LeNovelle, crazy talented giant wedding cake specialists who so happen to be based in Indonesia. I’m not even kidding.

Not only do i want it to  be adorned by baby pink ostrich feathers, i want it to be adorned by baby pink ostrich feathers while sitting on its own damn cake swing. In fact, i want it to be able to sing to me as we cut it. It’ll make all the other wedding cakes look like peasants in comparison. IT’LL BE GREAT!

I don’t even know tbh. While this post was more on lifestyle territory (new category alert! “Realistically Speaking”) rather than fashion, it was just something i wanted to use this platform to write about. I don’t think i’ll ever be one of those people whose main goal in life is to be attached at the hip with some other person… i enjoy my own company too much for that. Because let’s face it: any old fool can get married if they’re boring enough to settle for anything and anyone. I just plan on doing things differently. So, shout out to the elderly, stop asking me when i’m getting married.

Fashion posts will resume by next week!