Who, Why, Wear: A Styling Thought Process

When in Brunei

When in the Bahamas

So now that the semester is done and everyone is preparing to embark onto the next chapter of their lives, naturally graduation trips (if you’re a lucky bastard) are on top of everyone’s lists. Speaking of which, i’ll also be heading to Hong Kong next month with my boyfriend! But for the past two months since exams have finished, I’ve been moping about, dreaming and fantasizing about islands and clear blue watered paradise. It’s ironic considering i’m from Brunei which is in Borneo, you’d think i’d have my fill of nature and beaches. WRONG. The beaches here are murky af and the forests here just lack a certain allure that the ones in Indonesia or Thailand are bursting with. So i have no choice but to occupy my days with reading books that offer promises of letting me escape, even if it’s just in my head.

But if i were to go to an island, this is what i would wear. I curated this set with Bali specifically in mind because while a large part of my agenda would involve water sports and just basking in the ocean, Bali also has amazing villas and open air beach bars that offer plenty of photo ops. So if you think it looks a little dressy, it’s because it is. It’s amazing how basic palm trees are as a pattern considering i managed to find a matching kimono, bikini top and iPhone casing that all look almost identical. In case, you don’t know by now, kimono cardigans are my life, they run through my veins, they circulate through the circuit that makes this site what it is! And do you know what a cardigan’s best friend is? A black camisole but, in this case, a black jumpsuit which is way more convenient for the majority of us who need to learn how to pack lighter *side-eyes myself*.

Since the outfit is generally quite casual, i like that the gladiator sandals from Valentino throws in the edge that it needs. Personally, along with that to-die-for bucket bag from YSL (yes, i’m still infatuated with Mansur Gavriel’s signature bags but thought this one would make a better choice with the chain detail– because i’m all about that edge edge edge), the Dior sunglasses and your gorgeous textured beach waves, i feel like this look is practically complete.

But for those of you who believe that more is more (in that case, more power to you, gurl/boi), then by all means, that fedora is calling out your name. Not only will it add a hipster-y woodstocky vibe to your ensemble but it also ensures that you’re always in the right kind of shade at all times. Although, the thing about fedoras is to always remember to wear them perched on the very tip of your head, not plonked to fit your whole crown in order to avoid looking like a douchey wannabe jazz singer out on his luck for the past 15 years. And for all things holy, don’t freaking wear a vest suit with it. Remember: Perched not plonked. Perched. Not plonked.

And there it is, my ideal outfit for strolling through paradise. That’s all! xx

Oh My Love green kimono

Mara Hoffman triangle swimwear
$155 – oxygenboutique.com

Wilfred jump suit

Christian dior glasses

Rag bone black fedora hat
$275 – farfetch.com

Sonix tech accessory

Life is a bed of golden roses

Life is a bed of golden roses

I’ve always personally been a fan of the “casual luxe” look and i try my best to incorporate it into my daily outfits whether it’s just to go on campus or meet up with friends over a casual meal. I love to see it as a challenge; to amp up a look so it’s sophisticated enough that you stand out but casual enough to pull it off without too much effort on a daily basis and sticking out like a sore thumb. The real challenge comes in knowing just when and where to stop and figuring out the right balance between both ends of the spectrum.

For example, in this collection, the center piece that the entire look is established around is the beige cardigan from Mango. It’s nude, it’s chic, it’s borderline frumpy with a hint of mysterious glam– it’s completely me and it’s a whole lot of perfect. I’m simply in love with it! Because it covers so much without being too imposing, there’s so much room to play around with for the rest of the look.

The silver lamé tank top from Miss Selfridge’s breaks the muted tone of the cardigan and peeks out flirtatiously from under while the shredded leggings throw in a sassy edge that wasn’t there before. While in general, i tend to stay away from anything white (personal preference, nothing against the colour itself), the Balenciaga Classic City handbag ties the look together by carrying on the theme of being “understated” yet a statement in itself.

But of course, the icing on top of the cake would be the beauty that is rose gold accessories. Classy while maintaining a feminine flair yet tasteful without being too showy. The perfect simplicity of a cherry on top a luxurious sundae.

MANGO beige poncho
$94 – johnlewis.com

Spandex pants

Michael Kors snap jewelry
$255 – shopbop.com

Rose gold bangle