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Sreivphol inspired!

Sreivphol inspired!


I’ve started a new category on this site dedicated to all my girl crushes. Fuck Wednesday, i’m crushing on them everyday of the week (at least until i come across yet another ethereal goddess to transfer my affections to). So tbh i’m not quite sure what Sreivphol, or “Srei The Human” as she calls herself on instagram does for a living but if i’m hazarding a guess, i’d say she’s a freelance model as she’s done some shots for Agnès b. and SkyHighFlyxApparel and she’s always involved in some form of editorial shoot or another.

Why am i crushing on her?

To be frank, Thai social media celebrities that are frequently on the Popular page with 100k followers (the ones who seem to perpetually be on vacation and have a private jet at their disposal) all have a certain plastic look. They’re all undeniably freakishly good looking and they all know it judging from the 10 selfies uploads a day but after a while, it gets really old with the whole cookie-cutter effect.


Do you see what i mean??

But with this one it’s different. She consistently rocks her own style, whether it’s messy buns, huge retro sunglasses in a nightclub or loud statement pieces that either tie her entire outfit together or clashes against it, either way she just does not give a fuck. Not to mention, she pulls off grills like no one’s business and hate her or love her, there’s no denying it takes a pretty badass person to look as good in it as she does.

Why the outfit choices in this “Sreivphol inspired” set?

Personally, i feel that she looks amazing in fur as can be seen here and here. Wearing a bright fur coat takes a certain level of confidence and guts to leave the house with your head up high knowing that some smartass is bound to mistake you for a muppet. But i think that judging from her social media platforms, there’s really no danger of shortage in those areas and she’d be able to pull of this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent jacket without a hitch. Also, while her outfits tend to lean more towards statement pieces, a lot of the time she also sticks to the basics when pulling off the latter. But even then, her basics are super extra, hence the usual black denim cut-offs with the leather garters. as well as the 90s tattoo choker with chandelier beads to tie in with the eyelash lace bralette.

To top it all off, Dolce and Gabanna standout glasses because if anyone is going to pull off embellished sunglasses like a profesh, it’s Woman Crush Everyday, Sreivphol. Signing off with words of wisdom from the woman herself:

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Embrace your individualism

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Outfit details:

Yves Saint Laurent jacket
$3,895 –

Cut-off shorts

Topshop socks
$4.66 –

Jeffrey Campbell platform boots
$210 –

Steampunk necklace
$6.65 –

Dolce&Gabbana mirror glasses
$6,770 –

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“You’re my Lobster”


So today is a special day for my one of my closest friends to date, Fiqah S.! Everyone who has been with me knows that birthdays are not my forte. In fact, i’m terrible at them, whether it’s giving gifts, receiving them, remembering or wishing. But every once in a while, there are people you meet that make everything worth the effort… and ladies and gentlemen, that person for me is Fiqah S.

I’ve decided to do something different this year and spend some time wishing her by combining the two things that i’m fairly good at in life; writing and fashion. In the highly predictable theme of “Friends” which is only her favourite TV show of all time, “You’re My Lobster” was curated based on what i imagine Fiqah would wear to Central Perk during a typical hangout session with the gang, nonchalantly seated on the famed orange sofa, feet casually propped up on the coffee table and snugly positioned right in between Chandler and Phoebe (who happen to be her favourite “Friends”– just throwing that in there so she knows that i actually listen to her and because i know she gets a kick out of people remembering the small details about her).

While creating the set, i was faced with the dilemma of picking a specific season to style the ensemble from and ultimately decided to forego that aspect altogether by selecting timeless pieces that would fit right in with any of the ten seasons. With the faultless combination of all-American classics such as dark denims and Chuck Taylors, the entire get-up oozes the confidence of an effortless fashionista who knows she can do no wrong. While the outfit includes an elegant hijab (i.e. a gorgeously understated gray shawl by Italian luxury clothing company Loro Piana), i chose a cropped cardigan by Oscar De La Renta paired with high waisted jeans as it covers up without compromising the silhouette and proportions of the outfit.

And who else would appreciate feline-themed earthenware more than the self-proclaimed crazy cat lady herself? No hang out at Central Perk would be complete without a cat mug to publicly display her devotion to her favourite animals. Lastly, a cheesy charm bracelet, perfect for the one who charms me time and time again after almost a decade of friendship, because like Phoebe explains it “lobsters fall in love and mate for life”. We may not have fallen in love (I think i’ll reserve that honour for our boyfriends) but sometimes it damn near feels like it and i know that no matter what, in you i’ve found a mate for life  ❤


Oscar de la Renta cropped cardigan

Loro Piana gray shawl

Fenella Smith animal mug
$18 –