Style Heaux #1: The “Bunny” episode


Bunny, Bunnyyyy, Bunny. How do we even begin to put our friendship down in words? Under the influence, he’ll tell you with tear-filled eyes and a lumbering arm around your neck about how we’ve been friends for the longest time, that we’re always there for one another and that we love each other. When uninebriated, he’ll also tell you how we’ve been friends for the longest time, that we’re always there for each other and that we love each other.

Insider’s tip: If you didn’t already know this, Arif is a walking, talking, breathing Tumblr quote blog with the mindset of Hilary Duff circa Lizzie McGuire. In other words, cheesy and lovable af.

But he’s right, we are close and we go a long way back. But what makes Bunny my first style heaux of choice?


I once showed up to his workplace in an outfit that he liked and he insisted that i be a part of his #OOTD shot. I was all “okay, sure, i’ll smize for you” but what the hell did i know?

Seventy shots, three different locations and a blister from my brand new sneakers later, only then did i realize; bitch takes his Instagram posts seriously. He knows all his lurkers by name, his unfollowers, his supporters, his fair-weather likers, Bunnyboo83 knows. But more importantly, he’s committed to his aesthetic, he has a clear idea of what he likes and what he doesn’t in terms of his personal style and he has a great sense of humor. Jackpot.

Disclaimer: If you came expecting a professional talk-show style kind of interview then unfortunately, this isn’t what you’re looking for. This category is all about the raw dialogue between my friends and I, told as candidly as possible, with little to no alterations (unless actual names are mentioned in which case I’ll beep it out). I try my best to catch them off guard where possible and to get them to forget that I’m recording them to preserve the candidness of our conversation.

Scroll through to listen to bits of the actual interview! (Just lower down your volume like crazy because i have the most annoying, nasal and obnoxious voice in the world on recording).


SS: So, Bunnyboo83, jumping in, what are three things that you consider when putting together an outfit? Whether to take Instagram pictures or just to step out of the house?

BB: Hmm…what do I wanna look like today? Who do I wanna be today? Do I wanna be someone who’s…  *changes his mind* okay INDA PAYAH INDA PAYAH KENSIL BANYAK CAKAP TIA 

SS: What! It’s fine! You were doing fine!

BB: Malu ku!

SS: *changes topic* Okay so sometimes there are people who switch it on and off, for example, there are “fashion people” who go out and sometimes you see them at events and they look flat because they’re having an “off-day”. Do you have off-days like that? Is style something that can be switched on and off for you?

BB:  Yeah I do have my off-days but I still make sure to keep it stylish. I make sure that the clothes I have in my wardrobe are outfits that are ready-to-wear that will constantly look good. But my off-days are still… good.


SS: So basically, what you’re just trying to say is “I’m fabulous 24/7, bitch”.

BB: Yeah that’s what I really want to say! *laughs*

SS: You don’t have to sound humble for me okay. I know you!


SS: What do you look for in an item when you go shopping and in what order of priority, from highest to lowest do you rate price, trendiness, comfort, suitability?


BB: I don’t really follow trends but if i do, i usually try to make it fit into my character and my style. Pricing wise, yes i do consider it, cause if it’s too expensive but it’s basic then no.

SS: How about comfort? Or suitability?

BB: It has to suit my character, body and everything. I can’t buy things just for the sake of it. Like this cap that i have, i thought it would look cute but it doesn’t look good on my head so i never wear it.

SS: Yeahhhhh! I have this baseball cap too that i bought from Hong Kong, omg it’s so cute but i don’t feel that great using it.

BB: Yeah i just feel like shit wearing it so yeah suitability definitely counts. As for comfort, it depends, most of the time i love comfy stuff but see, i have these pair of Pedro shoes. They’re the perfect mesh trainers. But they didn’t have it in my size or in the electric blue colour I wanted. They only had it in black and in size 8, like a few sizes smaller than my feet. Yeah, it fits but it’s a little bit uncomfortable. But i wear it anyway, as long as it’s worth it.

SS: … So… comfort is obviously not a priority.

BB: BAHAHA… yea. No it isn’t.

*Then he went on a rant only to end it with “but idk i might change my mind again tonight, can we please get back to this question again later”*

SS: Yeah okay sure… *doesn’t plan on ever getting back to this question again*


What is the most sinful fashion crime you’ve ever committed?


BB: Oh My god, okay this has to be… okay we all have our bad days right? BACK WHEN I WAS STILL IN MY EXPERIMENTAL PHASE AND TRYING a lot of stuff, the one fashion faux pas that i really regret wearing was suspenders and a belt together at the same time. It was so bad. It was a red leather belt and red suspenders with a dress shirt and jeans that don’t match and loafers and i went to a club—

SS: To a club! Wow okay! That changes everything!

BB:Yeah it was really bad…

SS: I don’t know if i would ever wear suspenders to a club but okay, it was part of your experimental phase, it’s fine it’s fine! *sniggers*

BB: Yeah, it was really embarrassing…

SS: But did you think it was embarrassing at the time? Or only when you look back at it?

BB: No, by the next day *laughs* I was like, something’s wrong… but when i look back at it, yeah, it was quite bad. I think that’s one of my worse outfits.

*Bonus sound clip of SS’s worst fashion faux pas! Have a listen here if you’d like to feel good about yourself at my 13-year-old self’s expense*



What fashion rules do you find are ridiculous? And what are some that you secretly abide to?


BB: Are there rules in fashion?

SS: Yeah!

BB: Okay then for me, i guess they’re more about unspoken rules… like…umm, don’t repeat your outfits too much.


BB: No no no-

SS: I am a serial outfit repeater and i’m proud of it.

BB: I’m also a serial outfit repeater and i love it. But apparently that is a fashion rule for some people…? 

SS: Umm fuck that.

BB: Yeah i don’t get that. Hmm give me an example of a fashion rule…

SS: For instance, fashion rules like “no denim on denim”, although that is a really outdated fashion rule and then with accessories, there are rules like, you can’t mix metals? Like, if you’re going to wear silver, you just wear silver, you can’t mix it with gold…

BB: Ah okay! If we’re talking about denim on denim, let’s just say, Justin and Britney didn’t do it right.

The 28th Annual American Music Awards

Cry. Me. The. Entire. South China Sea.

SS: Yeaaah definitely. I feel like, denim on denim is actually a thing right now.

BB: Yeah, because i think it’s actually how you wear it, people are more creative now and they know how to mix and match the colour tones better.

SS: But let’s be honest, Bunz… denim on denim is your favourite go-to trend, which is why you’re defending it!

BB: YEAH OF COURSE! I just wore denim on denim two days ago! *laughs* I love denim, it never goes out of style. Ooh also, wearing all black, apparently it’s a fashion crime?

SS: Uh, no, that’s my uniform. How dare they?

BB: That’s my uniform too so, yeah, basically i don’t really give a fuck about fashion rules as long as you know how to mix it up! Like don’t go wearing checkered pants with a floral tribal patterns on your shirt and whatever. I guess just don’t overdo it!


Bunnyboo keeping it simple and classy #favouriteoutfitalert

SS: How would you react if you showed up to an event and someone was wearing the same outfit? 

BB: Umm i would try to be calm and collected but i would freak out inside. But knowing me, i’d be like “i wore it better”.

SS: I know but remember that time during that event and this girl was wearing the same cardigan as me?! It was a statement cardigan that i got from Jakarta, i didn’t expect to have someone wear it here in Brunei AND on the same day! Seriously, what are the odds-

BB: But you stood your ground though! She tied it up around her waist after she saw you.

SS: Yeah but that didn’t stop me from physically running away. Oh God. Yeah i feel like i would lose it inside.

BB: Me too. But let’s say he was wearing the same outfit… this is why i always have different accessories in my car like a jacket or a cap so i can switch it up right away. Maybe tie it around my waist to make it less obvious or something like that… but i would still scream inside! Like oh my godddddd.


“Maybe just keep your head down”

SS: Oh my goddd

BB: I mean actually i’ve never had that happen to me but I remember during events, i’d always think like “Oh my god i have the same shirt as that guy, thank god i didn’t wear it!”

SS: Yeah you’re always saying that! But i couldn’t take off my cardigan that day, i was wearing a flimsy top inside, i’d be practically naked!

BB: But yeah that girl totally caved because she tied it around her waist or something like that.

SS: And we were both dodging each other like, ‘okay you’re in that corner, fine fine i’ll be in this corner!’ Like an unspoken agreement.


SS: How would u react and what would you do if your entire shoe sole fell off in public? (Click play to hear Bunny’s hilarious answer to this question!)



Okay, last question, if you could give Anna Wintour style advice, what would you say to the queen herself?

BB: Oh god… maybe try to wear more pants? Cause she’s always in dresses. I would wanna see her change it up a little bit.

SS: Like what?

BB: More pants and…maybe try to wear black? I think she would look good.

SS: But I feel like she’s so intimidating already! Her hair and her shades, I think if she wore all black she’d be terrifying.

BB: But I love her hair! I don’t think I’d want to see her in a different hairstyle-

SS: Yeah, no that’s her. Eventhough it’s almost the same as Willy Wonka

BB: I want her to change it up, I’d wanna see less dresses from her.


BB: No no! But I love her! I love Anna Wintour!

SS: Oh oh, now we’re saying that.

BB: *shits his pants* Like, she’s so inspiring…

Image result for anna wintour angry

I don’t think she’s buying it, Bunz

*Ten minutes after the interview is over*

BB: I wish you’d ask me about my style inspirations…

SS: Ah okay…umm *half heartedly* so what are your style inspirations?

Press play to listen to our discussion on what makes Arif Zainuddin Bunnyboo83!

SS: Okay. So are we done-

BB: Yeah I got my question. Hahaha


BONUS: BEHIND-THE-SCENES BITCH RANT about social media etiquette and our respective pet peeves!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief insight into what really goes on during a typical conversation between my close friends and I! It was surprisingly well-behaved and i didn’t have to edit anything or bleep anything out, much to my surprise! Thanks for reading.









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