Three Unique Outfit Ideas That Will Help You Breathe Easier During Eid

As far as festivities go, getting dolled up is one of the things that we look forward to the most, other than catching up with our favourite relatives, the delicious food and in this case for Muslims all around the world, it’s celebrating the fruitful conclusion of Ramadan during Eid Al-Fitr. With the traditional garb being baju kurungs and kebayas, Eid celebrators have been known to get creative when designing their own customized ensembles for the festivities, whether its following the latest trends or adding their own personal touch to the designs. But traditional or contemporary, it’s safe to say that one can expect nothing less than a sparkling ocean of all colours of the rainbow at every corner, amplifying the merry atmosphere of Eid.

However, with the uprising popularity of ready-to-wear outfits comes every fashionista’s worry of showing up to an open house and finding that the host is wearing the exact same skirt that you had so painstakingly waited an entire month to debut. So instead of lugging around an emergency suitcase filled with five changes of outfits everywhere you go, here’s three ways to help lessen your chances of starring in your very own episode of “Girl stole my look!” while being relaxed enough to help yourself to that third round of beef rendang:


Credits: @BubblegumHijab on Instagram

Take a page out of lifestyle blogger Bubblegumhijab’s book and make a statement by rocking the men’s version of the traditional Eid outfit, the Cara Melayu. Without straying too far from convention while still maintaining an air of modesty, the Cara Melayu is the perfect way to stand out in the comfiest way possible. Torn between wanting to pull off this look and wanting to embrace your femininity on this special occasion? Pair this men’s Suro top by Mind for Him with a matching skirt to get the best of both worlds.


Between cooking, baking, cleaning and visiting, sometimes all a girl has time for is a quick touch-up before jumping into her next glamorous outfit. While you can’t literally jump into this one, it’s as close as you’re going to get when it comes to getting ready in a jiffy. This jumpsuit by Mayang Idbariza is a true example of being elegantly exquisite while also time-savvy. Just like Cinderella at the ball, no one will be any the wiser!



Can it get easier? How much further will we continue to push the boundaries of our lazy glam outfits? The answer: Yes and even further than you think. Every girl has a go-to maxi dress in her closet that she’s worn through thick and thin, her rescue remedy for moments when she “has nothing to wear”. What if we told you that you could wear your cozy maxi dress during Eid and get away with it, even with an extra serving of chicken satay under your belt? The solution lies in this ethereal Amanda Cape by KNW by Kurnia Sari which promises to envelope you in a graceful yet mysterious air (when all you’re trying to hide is the fact that you’ve had one Kuih Mor too many).

Short of buying ready-to-wear pieces and adding your own embellishments, nothing says convenient and comfortable quite like wearing a Cara Melayu or jumpsuit to celebrate Eid in. In case you’re still on the fence with your ensemble choices, just throw on a fancy kaftan like the rest of us and let the festivities begin!

More to life than clothes? 

In case you guys are wondering why i’ve been quiet since i got back from vacation, i’ve been preoccupied by things other than clothes, to be completely honest. A few things have changed and i’m trying to get back in the loop of things. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just change. Anyway, i actually wrote a whole crazy draft about my trip to Penang but i’ve decided to spin it from a different angle (although if you’re still up for reading the uncensored version of events, let me know and i’ll post it anyway!).

Penang was… dreamy. I haven’t had such a relaxing getaway in so long. Plenty of holidays but none that i could really call relaxing. I haven’t done much in the past year– voluntary unemployment, a gap year, funemployment, whatever you want to call it. But Penang was so beautiful and relaxing that if anything, it made me want to live life again and start getting the gears in motion. It made me want to come out of hibernation and start doing something worthwhile with my time again.

And no, i’m not going to break into some Hallmark card dribble about how the greatest beauty of life lies in its serenity and that everything can be magnificent if we just take a step back from time to time, smell the flowers and look at the sky BECAUSE I AIN’T THE DALAI LAMA THIS AIN’T EAT PRAY LOVE. Lol no my Penang trip actually pushed me into action because I finally realized that if i’m going to have more holidays like this, i need to start hustling like crazy.

One of the things i did realize though was how comfortable i was this trip. In the recent years, i started this thing with myself to always look my best on vacations. Since my boyfriend loves taking photographs of me, instead of throwing a mini-fit every time he gets into tourist mode and snaps a hundred candid photos of me admiring the roof of a temple with my mouth open, i just decided to be photo-ready 24/7.

I don’t know about you guys but i usually appreciate beautiful things by actually appreciating beautiful things and not treating it like a canvas to stick my face on. “Oh look, guys, if you squint really hard at this photo you can see the dome of the Taj Mahal riiiiiight behind my ear. Yeah, just that bit! But what you really want to focus on is a full-on view of my flea-market Wayfarers, my sunburnt nose and all 32 of my teeth because that’s what really matters about being on holiday– proving that i was actually there.” Or what i really hate is when there’s a beautiful skyline and then slap in the middle is someone in a lazy maxi dress, with a patchwork crossbody bag and flipflops trying to look all serene and shit in their tourist garb. Like, we don’t need evidence that you were actually there, people. We believe you.

There is a clear difference between a picture of you with a beautiful background and a picture of a beautiful background with you ruining it. Trust me.

But back to this trip, i actually took it really easy. We made it clear from the beginning that we were going there to eat, drink, swim and look at things. And eat, drink, swim and look at things we did! I brought about five potential outfits with me, very basic items like black jogger pants, a black cardigan, jeans, two tops, a clubbing dress and two proper tops for fancy dinners. All very easy to mix and match. Since we usually stopped sightseeing by around 4 or 5 pm and the clothes were really lightweight, i hand-washed a lot of them because i hate that suffocated bag smell (you know when you just get back from vacation or the gym and you open your backpack or suitcase and your clothes smell musty? Yeah that). But as a result…

Day 1


P.s. Sorry for the low-quality phone pictures! Literally didn’t think of bringing a camera with us at all.

Day 2

Then this:

And then this:

Yas. I was a serial outfit repeater in Penang but i sort of dug that tbh. This trip wasn’t about “how am i going to look my best so people can see me at my best and subconsciously perceive my well-being in a positive beaming light?”. It wasn’t about me trying to prove something on my Instagram feed. It was legitimately me just pushing the boundaries as to how lazy i could get with my outfit by mixing and matching, tucking and folding, pulling down or pulling up the same pieces in different ways each time. It was great.

It really brought the whole trip into perspective; i was comfortable, yet appropriately attired yet still photo-ready. I could go on a group tour at a 19th century mansion, i could eat chendol at the side of the road, i could hide away from the heat and the other tourists and lounge around a cafe while eating cake, i could also sit on a tandem bike and cycle around town. As a fashion writer, it’s probably blasphemous for me to say this but, sometimes you just need to screw fashion and work with whatever you’ve got.

You can quote me on that.

P.s. This is basically an exaggerated idea of what i wore the entire trip, whether i was out admiring architecture, stuffing my face or hunting for yet another cafe. I feel like i have a brand-new appreciation for packing light all of a sudden. Just don’t ask me about my the makeup pouch which took up half my backpack… that’s a different case altogether.

Low-key Hi-key

Low-key Hi-key by stylesircuit

Miss Selfridge cardigan

Gap muscle tank

Givenchy high-waisted pants

$890 –

Converse white shoes

$76 –

Witchery foldable bag

$99 –

White choker

Statement earrings

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses

Adidas Originals cap hat

$19 –

Skagen men s watch

More elaborate fashion post coming up soon!